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Airbus A319. DL2546, SAN-SLC, 6:19pm. Seats 1C and 1D.

Take off.

Not my best hyperlapse video, but I do love hyperlapse videos of plane take offs. I have a couple of cool ones from planes in tanzania.

Sep 6


Warm greeting from De L’Europe in Amsterdam!

On our way!

Aug 8

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Jul 6

A Mathematical Theory of Communication

"A Mathematical Theory of Communication" never gets old. This is one of those papers that I’m glad to have studied enough at some point to be able to re-read it.

Life is just life.

- Words of wisdom from Rob Lowe. On CNN.

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NYC 4/23-4/25

Anybody want to meet up? I’ll be in town until early on Sunday 4/26 morning.

Apr 7

Happy Anniversary Mr. Matheny! 

Happy anniversary sweetheart :)


Happy Anniversary Mr. Matheny! 

Happy anniversary sweetheart :)


Alan likes to moon walk. Love my special little guy. :)

To me, the core of that attraction is that she is a better reporter than he is. Think about being Superman for a second. The Olympic record for weightlifting is 1,038 lbs., but you could lift more than that as a child. The record for the 100 meter dash is 9.58 seconds, but you can travel over 51 miles in that time. Going to Vegas? You don’t need your X-Ray vision to win at Blackjack, because you can just count the cards while holding down a conversation about nuclear physics. Without really trying, you are better at just about everything than anyone else in the world.

However, (as Mark Waid once pointed out in a podcast with Marv Wolfman) none of that really translates to your chosen profession. Typing really fast does not help your prose. Being able to lift a tank does not help you convince a source to go on record. It is as near to competing straight up with normal people as Superman would ever be capable of. Even then, it comes easily enough to him that you get a pretty lofty perch at a great paper very early in your career. It is just in this one context, there is someone better than you are: Lois Lane.

As mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent, you reach up for the first time in your life and she rejects you.

To me, it is an inversion of the Luthor story. Luthor sees someone above him and feels hate. Superman sees someone above him and feels love.


Dean Hacker, comment on “Giving Lois Lane A Second Look, For The First Time” by Kelly Thompson (CBR: She Has No Head!)


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