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DL8433/AF1307, DUS-CDG, Airbus A318/A319.

Ahh, hospitality. I love European business class, so nice. You get the same room as economy for 3 times the price.

Enough overhead space to fit my samsonite.

This is turning into one of those trips of pure hilarity.

I’m now waiting on my second flight. Not leg, flight. First one got delayed enough I was going to miss my connection so I have to fly through CDG now. Got bumped about 2am.

New flight; delayed twice. Not certain I’ll make my connection in CDG.

Whatever, it happens, right? NBD.

Waiting area; people at their best. The old guy next to me? He’s playing angry birds at full volume. I thought if I heard “WHEEE!!!” one more time I would snap, but then he started whistling, so that’s cool. He’s also making awesome old guy sounds, and about every 10 minutes let’s out a deep gutteral “SIGH”. This is his indication of displeasure as far as I can tell.

The woman across from me (German) and the guys behind me (French) are all talking on their cell phones as loud as possible, to try and cancel each other out. It’s not working.

The little girl with her parents apparently just discovered three new words and LOVES them because she’s been repeating the same three words nonstop for 30 minutes. Sounds like “APPLE CRACK JACK”, but I’m not certain.

OH and the dude next to the German woman on her cell? He just decided to start rocking out on his cellphone. No headphones, speaker only, and is that a bit of seat dancing I detect? It is, he’s getting down.

Today is going to be epic, just trying to sit back and enjoy the hilarity.



2014.09.13, DHC-6-300 Twin Otter, Tanzania Africa.

This plane was not fun to fly on. The smile in the last picture was brought to you by a boatload of xanex.


DL1866, SFO-ATL, Boeing 767-300 (76Q/P). Landing.

Take offs and landings are the best

Katherine and I ate at the space needle for my birthday. Here is a hyperlapse of a complete rotation of the top.


Airbus A319. DL2546, SAN-SLC, 6:19pm. Seats 1C and 1D.

Take off.

Not my best hyperlapse video, but I do love hyperlapse videos of plane take offs. I have a couple of cool ones from planes in tanzania.

Sep 6


Warm greeting from De L’Europe in Amsterdam!

On our way!

Aug 8

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Jul 6

A Mathematical Theory of Communication

"A Mathematical Theory of Communication" never gets old. This is one of those papers that I’m glad to have studied enough at some point to be able to re-read it.

Life is just life.

- Words of wisdom from Rob Lowe. On CNN.

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