Blake Matheny


Picking Up Scala

I’ve been evaluating a couple of queue systems recently (Kafka from LinkedIn and Kestrel from Twitter) that are both written in Scala. In evaluating the systems I had the need to become more than conversationally familiar with the language. When I lived in Indianapolis my company hosted the Scala meetups and I occasionally went and as such did some reading on the subject, but I didn’t actually code anything with it. My friend JR, organizer of the Indianapolis Scala meetup, recommended I check out the Scala for Java Refugees series to get started. The series is fantastic but was written back in ~2008 and isn’t entirely consistent with the latest and greatest from scala 2.9. Below are a list of my notes regarding things that I had to change from scala 2.9.

  • The Application trait is deprecated, use App
  • Using the java Math constants is deprecated in favor of scala.Math

Well, that’s it. I started this post on the first installment of the series and assumed it would be riddled with issues but in fact there were very few. Only took a couple of hours to get through including pounding out the examples. I hope to wrap up my ‘learn a new programming language' exercises this weekend so I can get through some of the Kafka/Kestrel code this week.